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Problem with SMVI v2 job scheduling


I have installed the latest Snap Manager for Virtual Infrastructure Server 2.0 and everything is working fine other than the job scheduling.



There seems to be a problem with the time picker when you schedule a backup job - by default it inserts the current time in US format (H:MM AM). When I try and change this however, I get some really strange results:


- firstly, it lets me type any time although when I click "apply", "OK" or move away from the time field it reverts back to the current time.


- If it's currently AM, it only seems to accept AM times and visa versa with PM.



Example: it was 7:0

0 PM and I was attempting to schedule a backup job for 3:00 AM - no chance. It wouldn't even let me change the PM to AM so the latest possible time I could schedule my backup was for 11:59 PM.


I assumed it was a problem with the time/date format so I switched my date format from UK to US - but still the same problem.


Anyone experiencing this?

And anyone know where the backup settings are stored (registry, config file?) so that I can edit them without using the interface? (I can see there is a command line for SMVI but I've not been able to find instructions on using it).








See above.


Glad to learn things are working fine. I don't remember running into this issue but will  test this out




I just installed SMVI 2 and had the same issue.  Thanks for the advice.



Are you using SMVI 2.0? The backup jobs are found in the following directory

C:\Program Files\NetApp\SMVI\server\repository\backup\jobs

The SMVI IAG has a section on how to use command line:






I found the problem. Its simply a little glitch with the GUI - the "time field" comes before the "date field" input - but in actual fact, it won't let you set a time before the current date/time. If you set the date first, then set the time, it works fine.

Quite funny really (i only found this out after following your tip & editing the XML job files directly!).

Thanks for the assist.


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