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Site Recovery Manager 4 , Failed to test DR Plan


Hi communities,

Environnement with ESX 3.5 U4, VCenter 4, SRM 4.0, SRA SAN 1.4, SnapMirror, FlexClone.

When i launch test plan, the task "prepare storage" failed with non fatal error.

SRM log say "no such lun exist".

Sample of the log :

[#2]    dynamicType = <unset>,
[#2]    faultCause = (vmodl.MethodFault) null,
[#2]    faults = (vmodl.MethodFault) [
[#2]       (dr.san.fault.ExecutionError) {
[#2]          dynamicType = <unset>,
[#2]          faultCause = (vmodl.MethodFault) null,
[#2]          errorMessage = "testFailover Output:
[#2]  <Response>
[#2]  Starting script
[#2]  Test-Failover-start
[#2]  Collecting igroup information
[#2]  igroup esx-fc has initiator 10000000c98e6ed8 and type FC
[#2]  igroup esx-fc has initiator 10000000c98e6d9f and type FC
[#2]  igroup esx-fc has initiator 10000000c98e6d92 and type FC
[#2]  igroup esx-fc has initiator 10000000c98e6d93 and type FC
[#2]  igroup esx-fc has initiator 10000000c981ee34 and type FC
[#2]  igroup esx-fc has initiator 10000000c981ee35 and type FC
[#2]  igroup esx-fc has initiator 10000000c98e6d9e and type FC
[#2]  igroup esx-fc has initiator 10000000c98e6ed9 and type FC
[#2]  Checking existence of Lun  /vol/vol_VMFS_parnas01/lun1.lun
[#2]  Lun  /vol/vol_VMFS_parnas01/lun1.lun  exists
[#2]  Creating test Clone volume testfailoverClone_nss_v10745371_vol_VMFS_parnas01
[#2]  Read Thin provisioning options
[#2]  Volume guarantee = none, LUN space reservation = false
[#2]  No such LUN exists
[#2]  Setting LUN space reservation failed
[#2]  Test-Failover-start completed with errors
[#2]  Generate EMS event in filer
[#2]  Generating EMS event in filer succeeded
[#2] </Response>
[#2] Error:
[#2] ",
[#2]          msg = "",
[#2]       }
[#2]    ],
[#2]    msg = "",
[#2] }

It seems that there is an error in the script but where ....

Flexclone operation, onlining lun, mapping lun to igroup, rescan storage adpater in manual mode are OK.

Someone have already seen this problem ?





support Netapp said that it's fixed in the next release of the SRA 1.4.1



Hi all,

with a colleague we modify the perl script and now test failover is ok

of course the new script is not supported by Netapp.

If your are interested, please send me a private message



Hi all,

the new release "Disaster Recovery Adapter for VMware SRM 1.4.2" San Adapter is available for download on now.netapp.com


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