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Proper San Sizing


Greetings - how would I go about properly sizing a san for an environment. Besides asking what applications, how much data storage etc what other tips ? Is there like a standard form or questionnaire that one would fill out and it would spit out something like "Based on your input the model you require is a fas2040 with 4TB of usable disk".

That would be a cool configurator huh? Does anything like that exist ?


Re: Proper San Sizing


I will assume "no"?. As opf this writing 70 views and no replies.

Anyhow - 

Probably some things to start gathering is:

  • Server info (os type, platform, sp level etc)
  • Needed capacity
  • Infrastructure items such as IP networking, If Fibre Channel is already in place or not.
  • Does Vmware enviro exist
  • Any new initiatives such as VDI - if so describe number of users,profiles guest os types and size etc.
  • Perhaps soem performance..

Then I would assume to put all gathered data in a sizer of sorts...

thoughts? I answered my own question ?

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