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QLA2432 support

Hi community

After searching in IMT Tools for HBA QLA2432 and DOT 8.1.2, I didn't find any trace for this HBA

Does it mean it is not supported configuration?

As we have a lot of ESX Hosts (Dell server) with this HBA and we would like to upgrade our NetApp SAN from DOT7 to 8




Re: QLA2432 support

Are you sure about QLA2432?

Please post the output from "cat /proc/scsi/qlxxxx/y"

Re: QLA2432 support

Any chances this explains the confusion?



If your HBA is in fact QLE2460 or QLE2462, they are both supported with DOT 8.1.2

QLA2432 support


I'm waiting for root password regarding our request

Radek, it's not the display issue

as we did a reboot of the PowerEdge

It shows HBA during boot process = ISP2432

Re: QLA2432 support

It's a sample dump courtesy of Google search from another machine (of course 😞

QLogic Fibre Channel HBA Driver:

  QLogic QLE2462 - PCI-Express to 4Gb FC, Dual Channel

  ISP2432: PCIe (2.5Gb/s x4) @ 0000:0c:00.0 hdma+, host#=1, fw=4.04.05

So... is your HBA in fact QLE2462?

And just another proof found:


ISP2432 is the ASIC used on QLE246x

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Re: QLA2432 support

Great Radek

I'm confused

This is a new managed infrastructure for us (but with old equipment)

I'm more used with Emulex

Thanks to you and Thomas

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