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Qtree snapmirror (QSM) compression support


All the documentation I read states that QSM compression is not supported.  However, it appears to function for me.  Does this mean that it works, but NA won't support issues, or is it an undocumented change?

Running OnTap 7.3.4p2 on both source and destination.


Re: Qtree snapmirror (QSM) compression support



it should work. the only statement I found is in the tr-3446:

"With Data ONTAP 7.3.2, volume SnapMirror is supported without any special approvals. Qtree SnapMirror still requires NetApp approval."

It states version 7.3.2 and cannot find a newer of this doc...

Re: Qtree snapmirror (QSM) compression support


Thank you. I stumbled across that same blurb, so am following up with my TGA as to what “special approval” is needed, and if this means that there are possible issues/repurcussions.

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Re: Qtree snapmirror (QSM) compression support


Can somebody from Netapp make any further statement on this ?

QSM compression on our WAN links would be a great benefit for us, so I'd really like to know if there's any (supported) way to use this.

Re: Qtree snapmirror (QSM) compression support


Carl, The official info I received is that QSM compression works, but

it is not supported without obtaining a policy variance. I am using

quite a few volume snapmirrors and one qtree snapmirror with

compression, and they all seem to be running well. However, I have

avoided adding compression to more QSM until I obtain the PVR.

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