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RCU 3.0 Guest Customization Issue


Hi to all,

First of all, I'd like to apologize for my poor English... I'll try to be as comprehensible as possible.

Here is my problem... I just installed Rapid Cloning Utility 3.0 on our ESX 4.0 environment (with Virtual Center 4.0 Update 1).

When I try to create a new server from a template using RCU, the Customization Specifications are not applied... I watched all the videos on the internet and I noticed a difference. On the videos showing the cloning process, the example is based on a Windows XP guest. On these computers, the customization specifications are based on a "sysprep.inf" file. For Windows 7 gests or Windows 2008 servers, the customisation specifications are based on XML files. Also, when you create a new Customization Specification file on the Virtual Center Client, the result is the XML file.

I tried to create a new Customization Specification file importing an old Windows XP sysprep.inf file... And it seems to work with RCU, but only for XP gests obviously.

I noticed that in the XML files, some of the specs as guest admin password or activation number ared stored in an encrypted format, whereas in the .inf files, all is clear.

Does anyone know that problem ? Is there a solution ?

I thank you in advance for your help !


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Re: RCU 3.0 Guest Customization Issue


Hi Eric,

There is a bug in that release due to the way our SOAP request to vCenter is encoded.  Could you try upgrading to VSC 2.0 (available at https://now.netapp.com) and running with the latest version of the provisioning and cloning features?

Re: RCU 3.0 Guest Customization Issue


Hi Costea,

Thank you for your help.

So, today I uninstalled RCU 3.0, and then installed Virtual Storage Console 2.0 (which is a nice tool in fact ! I didn't know it...)

But my problem is still there... VSC 2 didn't solve it !

I don't know what to do. I think that the Rapid Cloning Utility included in VSC 2.0 is absolutely the same as the 3.0 release...

In fact, what makes me think that way is that there is another known issue (reported in the RCU 3.0 Release Notes) : when the vCenter locale is different from the host locale, the vmware tasks names are displayed such as : XXX com.netapp.rcu.RapidCloneVirtualMachine.label not found XXX

In the VSC 2.0 Release notes it is said that this issue is solved... But in fact, it is not. I still have that problem too.

Any other idea ?

Thank you in advance !


Re: RCU 3.0 Guest Customization Issue



Sorry to hear that you're still having trouble.  Could you open a support case with NGS?  We'll need to take a look at the logs to figure out what the problem is.


Re: RCU 3.0 Guest Customization Issue


Hi to all,

I finally found the problem...

The fact is that our Virtual Center was installed on a French Windows 2008 Server. In order to work well, RCU or VSC need to be on an English OS...

Now everything works well !

I hope that would be helpful for others.


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