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RCU 2.0.1 "Unknown Ontap Version"


Just installed RCU 2.01 on VC 3.5u3.  Attempting to add storage ( fas3070 running ontap and get the error "Unknown Ontap Version".  The RCU logs are showing:

2009-05-20 16:50:03,514 (12969) [http-61921-2] DEBUG com.netapp.kamino.server.ServerServiceImpl - Exit loadFilerInfoList.
2009-05-20 16:50:03,546 (13001) [Thread-6] DEBUG com.netapp.kamino.server.ServerServiceImpl - Entering validateFilerCredentials
2009-05-20 16:50:03,858 (13313) [Thread-6] DEBUG com.netapp.kamino.server.ServerServiceImpl - Version returned from system-get-version: NetApp Release Mon Apr 20 22:45:56 PDT 2009
2009-05-20 16:50:03,858 (13313) [Thread-6] DEBUG com.netapp.kamino.server.ServerServiceImpl - Controller version (NetApp Release Mon Apr 20 22:45:56 PDT 2009). Unable to determine patch level or no patch on this version.
2009-05-20 16:50:03,889 (13344) [http-61921-2] DEBUG com.netapp.kamino.server.ServerServiceImpl - exiting with exception
java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: com.netapp.kamino.client.model.ZapiException

anyone encountered this?  Release notes indicate this is a supported version.


Steve O



Any update on this?  I get the exact same message on


uninstalling RCU 2.0.1 and reinstalling fixed my issue.

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