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vstorage integration


Hi all, My customer has some projects regarding vSphere & NetApp.
They showed the tight integration between DOT and ESX 4.0 watching the video “vStorage Integration - Copy Offload”from the VMworld 2009.

Now I have a lot of questions around and I hope you could help me to find the answers.

Do it work with NFS ? Do it require a plug-in ? If yes, does a beta program exist ?

What is the different steps to setup it on ESX4.0i and FAS ?
Do we have a TR on this topic ?
They would like to use the API to develop their own script. How can we help them ?
Thanks for your help


Jean-Baptiste Grandvallet


Re: vstorage integration


Your best starting point is the RCU utility on NOW....


There's also some demo videos on YouTube I believe....described and linked here.


For your questions....

  • it does require NFS
  • doesn't require vSphere 4 (works on VI3)
  • not in beta....supported by NetApp even right now
  • not sure about ESXi (see the release notes probably)
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