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Remounting NFS datastore in VSC 4.2.1



We are having some issues with Datastores, and wondered if anyone else is seeing the same, or can point out where we are going wrong!

The root cause is that there doesn't appear to be an option to mount an NFS datastore from VSC.  (Am I missing something, but NetApp > Provisioning and Cloning only has a Provision Datastore option...)

If a Datastores becomes unmounted from all of the ESX hosts VSC loses reference to the Datastore and we are no longer able to work with it.  If we use the generic VMware process to mount the datastore it works fine on the VMware side of things, but then behaves differently in different version of DoT.  We have 2 versions in use, 8.1.3P1 7-mode and 8.2P5 clustered mode.  In 8.1.3 we can then use VSC to perform tasks on the datastore, but on 8.2 we lose the ability to perform any tasks within VSC, it comes up with an error saying the datastore doesn't belong to a managed system.


Re: Remounting NFS datastore in VSC 4.2.1


This is still an issue, although I did find where I can get a "mount" option from the NetApp > Provisioning and Cloning menu... it seems the mount option only appears if you are in a "hosts" tab!

However going to a hosts tab and selecting this mount option the datastore in question doesn't appear in the list, so not really any further forward.

Re: Remounting NFS datastore in VSC 4.2.1


Same issues here... I did open a case but so far I have no solution on how to resolve this.....


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