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VMware Solutions Discussions

Remove initiator ID from Initiator Group


Hi all,

Im trying to remove an Initiator ID from a FCP Initiator Group, but im getting the following error message:

=== DETAILS ===
LUN maps for this initiator group exist

Please explicitly disconnect the initiator group from any LUNs connected to it.

How can i remove these Initiator IDs?




Thanks for the reply.

Ill give the command line a go. I was trying this through the GUI.

I have done it this way before in production without issue.  Just be VERY sure you select the correct initiator.

Good luck



You can do this in GUI too. In the FilerView,

click LUNs.Manage

click on the LUN you want to unmap

then click on [Map LUN]

check the Unmap box

click Apply button

Make sure you unmap all the LUNs associated with the igroup. Goto the tree in the FilerView on the left side

click on Initiator Groups.Manage

click on the igroup you want to modify

in the Initiators box, delete the initiator(s)

click Apply button

Then, remap the LU(s) back to the igroup.

Hope that helps,



What if I want to remove an initiator from an initiator group, but I cannot offline that group.  My example...I have an initiator group with all of my ESX host initiators in it, and my datastores mapped through that group.  I am decommissioning an ESX box, so I want to remove the initiators from that group, as it is no longer needed.  I cannot offline that goup however, as all of my virtual machines are still running through that mapping.

See the definition for the 'igroup remove' command:

igroup remove [ -f ] initiator_group node ...

Removes node (s) from an initiator group. You may use the alias for the node , set with the fcp wwpnalias command.

The operation is prohibited if there are existing LUN maps defined for that group. The -f option can be used to force node removal.

Looks like you may be able to do it with good ol' '-f' for force flag.

I hope this response has been helpful to you.

At your service,

Eugene E. Kashpureff
Senior Systems Architect / NetApp Certified Instructor

(P.S. I appreciate points for helpful or correct answers.)


Basically, LUNs are mapped to the FCP initiator group . You need to unmap the LUN first.


filer> lun unmap <lun_path> <initiator_group>

After this, if you require to remove the node from the igroup too, use:

filer> igroup remove [ -f ] <initiator_group> <node>

By default, if lun maps exist for the initiator group, the node is not removed from the group. The -f option can be used to force the removal.


Use “igroup remove –f …” command

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