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Removing a backup from VSC


I've got a few backup jobs in VSC - one of them has had the underlying volumes deleted and trying to remove it from the VSC consoles backup and recovery section is proving to be a pain.

Is there anyway of forcing this backup job to go away?



Re: Removing a backup from VSC


You should be able to manually remove it by doing the following:

  • go into the installation folder for SMVI (should be %install%\virtual storage console\smvi\server\etc)
  • copy the existing "scheduledBackups.xml" file to scheduledBackups.orig (just in case)
  • stop the SMVI service on the VSC server
  • edit the scheduledBackups.xml file
    • search for the volume you'd like to remove
    • scroll up to the beginning tag of <backupjob>
    • remove everything up until you hit the end tag of <\backupjob>
    • save the file
  • restart the SMVI service
  • close and reopen the vSphere Client
  • click on "Home" -> "NetApp" -> "Backup and Recovery"
  • make sure that you're job has been removed

Let me know if that helps!

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