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Snapdrive, RDM and Event log errors


This is the scenario:

I've got a netapp filer in one IP range and a vcenter server plus a sql server in another. the two ip ranges cannot communicate.

i've got an RDM presented to SQL and on the SQL server I've installed snapdrive and integrated to VCenter.

the event logs show this error:

Storage system does not have a reachable IP address.

storage system id: ''

Storage system host name: 'filerthree'.

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Err yes? I thought that the whole point of the RDM was that the server doesn't have to talk to the storage system itself. That kb article is unreachable as well which is yet another frustration.



Re: Snapdrive, RDM and Event log errors


When using RDM's and SnapDrive, you will need to provide a way for SnapDrive to communicate with the storage controller so that you can do whatever tasks through SDW.  If you do not want to leverage SDW or a SnapManager product within the VM, then it won't require access to the storage controller.  Using RDM's is no different than provisioning a LUN to a physical server, except that the physical server is passing the device through to the guest OS, so the same requirements exist for accessing the storage controller to do any type of administration of the LUNs.

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