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Why do I have multible VSC tabs and shortcuts in vCenter 4.1?


I am running ESX 4.1 with vCenter 4.1.  Why do I see multible / duplicate NetApp (VSC) Tabs and Shortcuts?  I only have one entry for VSC in the Plug-ins.

How can I clean this up?  Screenshots attached.




I have the exact same issue. We have linked vCenters and when I connect to one of them, everything is fine. The other one shows duplicate tabs exactly like above.

The issue I think is related to upgrading the VSC plugin (the one with the issue was upgraded, the other was a fresh install with the latest version).

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, same issue. How can we resolve this?


VSC doesn't currently "support" linked mode vCenter, so when you're logging into the linked mode vCenter IP this will happen for each vCenter that you have VSC plugged into.  If you need to use VSC directly, the recommendation would be to log in to the vCenter directly to which you'd like to provision/etc.  As soon as VMware has the required API's for the linked mode vCenter, VSC will be updated to provide direct support.  The RFE for the functionality can be found here: http://support.netapp.com/NOW/cgi-bin/bol?Type=Detail&Display=420533 although it does not yet have a public report, you can "watch" it for when it's updated/resolved.

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