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I am trying to put together a process to restore virtual machines that were snap vaulted to our secondary 6210 san qtree from our 6280 primary san. The datastores are NFS. What I did is mount the secondary datastore/qtree onto the san by adding a datastore as read only then I would click on the snapshot folder and select a smvi folder to copy the machine over. I had the machine I wanted to restore on the production san off but this is where it doesnt work I woild simply get some error. I wanted it to be gui as possible. As I am using VSC 4 to snap this specific datastore as only dev test machines are residining there but I also snapvault them over.

The error from vmware is "Expected put message. Got:ERROR" Perhaps permissions..And I was trying to download the machine to my desktop (its a small machine) from the vmware datstore browser. And if I try the move option from the read only datastore to the datastore on the primary datastore I would get "cannot write on datastore (qtreename) on the target host"

I am just going to assume this isnt the best way to perform it and the snap vaulting is not part of ops manager/dfm. It appears I may have to do it the cli way of "snap restore" command. I wanted to make it gui as possible, As I thought I can copy the machine from the secondary datastore to the primary destination.. I suppose i was very wrong

Anyhow we use commvault for our production stuff and I didnt want to waste the commvault licensing on dev test stuff... and I was trying to see what i can do for these dev test machines for that "just in case" scenario.

thoughts? input?

thanks for reading

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What you described should work. When you copy the VM back when do you get the error? during the copy or when you try to start the VM? You are trying a basic file->copy then File->paste? Don't try to do a move or a cut since the source is read only....

Once the VM has been copied over you will need to reregister the VM so it will show as a net new VM...

Can you show us the exact errors you are getting...


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During the copy..

I would browse the mounted datastore that is read only from the secondary san (snapvault destination) click the snapshot folder then select

Right click machine click copy

Then I would go to the datastore I wish to copy to and right click and past. And get the following error:

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After copying, did you verify if the size of .vmdk-flat at the destination matches that at the source (SV destination)?

From what I remember, when you browse a datastore, the .vmdk-flat file is hidden and is pointed to by the .vmdk file. Once we copy the folder, all the files get copied including the .vmdk file but the .vmdk-flat file (which is the biggest of the lot) doesn't finish copying.

This can sometimes prevent the VM from powering on.

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This error is happening during the COPY. So there is nothing for me to power on to see an error on yet.

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My bad... I should have read the thread more carefully. Is this error common across all the VMs? or have you tried it on just one? Can you share the file listing of the VM folder that you are trying to copy and getting an error on?  A ls -la from the shell will be more helpful than just the GUI option of browse datastore.


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I wasnt able to get it via shell

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Things look OK in the listing there. Las thing I would check is the the export permissions on the netapp controller. You should try using root and make sure that UNIX is selected as the security style (out of UNIX, NTFS and Mixed).

If this doesnt work, I would suggest logging a support case as this is not the expected behaviour.

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Which controller? Primary or secondary that I am trying to copy from?

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Maybe slightly offtopic but if you have 62xx machines you have free licenses for oncommand core as well as oncommand host package which enables you to make gui driven backups and restores from primary and secondary storage as well as manage the snapvault replication.