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Root Access to ESX Host



I am New to NetApp.

I have assigned a NFS datastore to ESX host. What I have experienced is that without root access I am unable to create VM or file on datastore even Read/Write is enabled.

My question is why we need Root access while we allowed Read/Write access to host?

Thanks in advance.


Taqadus Rehman.



That is related to the way NFS maps and authenticate users.

VMware does not know how to use something else than UID 9 (root) to mount and access a datastore, and usually that wouldn't make any sense to do otherwise anyway since datastore are dedicated most of the time.

So, VMware mounts the volume with UID 0, and there is a special security parameter in most NFS servers that determines if UID 0 is to be mapped to another user or if it is allowed to do writes. In that case, you just need to say that, yes, I want root to be able to use the export from the given IP addresses (which are all your VMkernel NFS IPs)


Thank you for your reply.

Please correct me if I am wrong. As per your reply what I understood is that UID 0 is only used for mapping but not for read/write? and this is NetApp's behavior not VMware's as NFS server is NetApp's facility?

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