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Root Access to ESX Host



I am New to NetApp.

I have assigned a NFS datastore to ESX host. What I have experienced is that without root access I am unable to create VM or file on datastore even Read/Write is enabled.

My question is why we need Root access while we allowed Read/Write access to host?

Thanks in advance.


Taqadus Rehman.


Re: Root Access to ESX Host


That is related to the way NFS maps and authenticate users.

VMware does not know how to use something else than UID 9 (root) to mount and access a datastore, and usually that wouldn't make any sense to do otherwise anyway since datastore are dedicated most of the time.

So, VMware mounts the volume with UID 0, and there is a special security parameter in most NFS servers that determines if UID 0 is to be mapped to another user or if it is allowed to do writes. In that case, you just need to say that, yes, I want root to be able to use the export from the given IP addresses (which are all your VMkernel NFS IPs)

Re: Root Access to ESX Host


Thank you for your reply.

Please correct me if I am wrong. As per your reply what I understood is that UID 0 is only used for mapping but not for read/write? and this is NetApp's behavior not VMware's as NFS server is NetApp's facility?

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