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SVC backup partially completed


Backup operation partially completed. Following virtual machines were not quiesced : [xxxx, yyyy, zzzz]. What could be the problem.,?


Re: SVC backup partially completed


you selected "Perform VMware consistency snapshots" on the job. so VSC is doing VMware snapshots on each VM before doing the Netapp snapshot.

and this VMware snapshot is getting a timeout on some VMs.

basically it's a Microsoft VSS issue: either the VM is too busy to do the VSS command or it has a problem (mostly on VMs with MS SQL and iSCSI initiators).

the first try is extend the VMware timeouts in vCenter.

then have a look at those VMs. normaly a reboot of those fixes the VSS for some time.

if you don't care about application consistent VMs and crash consistent is enough for you, you can either remove the VSS plugin in the VMtools or

just deselect the job option "Perform VMware consistency snapshots".

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