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SMVI Error reporting


I have had this situation happen several times where the interface for the SMVI backups in VShere show the backup has failed.  The system is set to notiy on errors but there is not a notification sent.  The setup config for email is correct we get the test mail fine.  If we set it to always email the results we get the emails as well   the graphic below is what we see.  In some logs I have looked at when this happens.  The SMVI backup is successful, the snapshot is created.  The problem has been on the VMware side as far as the failure.  Usually the VMware snapshot gets hungup during its deletion. It is my thinking that if the SMVI portion of the backup is successful then SMVI considers the backup successful and therefor an error notification is not generated.  If there is a VMware failure during the SMVI backup process SMVI will only send a notification if the SMVI backup is affected.  Would this be a correct assumption of am I completely off.


Thanks for any and all help.





Re: SMVI Error reporting


Based on what you've said, I believe your assumption is correct.

You should be able to set the "Email Alerts" level to "Errors or Warning" and get notifications on VMware snapshot failure.


If the VMware snapshots are failing, from what I have seen, a good portion of the time, it is there there is often an old VMware snapshot that just needs to be consolidated.

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