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SMVI GUI install on different hosts?


I have installed SMVI on my vcenter host as recommended.
Is there a way of installing the GUI on different workstations?
The idea is to use it as a client ( like vcenter client connecting to vcenter)  or can I only use it directly on the server where it is installed?



Re: SMVI GUI install on different hosts?


SMVI can be installed on any Windows® platform (XP, 2003, Vista®, 2008) that has connectivity with the

vCenter server. (Please check our interoperability matrix for more information)

The only reason we recommend installing SMVI on the vCenter server when possible is to reduce the

impact of network outages between the two components.



Re: SMVI GUI install on different hosts?

Thanks, As recommended we have done that. The question was actually whether multiple GUI’s can maintain the same SMVI instance so to speak.

At the moment it is sitting on vcenter thus we login over RDP.

Can we install the GUI on several workstations but manage the same SMVI data? Hope this make sense

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