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Virtual Storage Console 2.0 - SMVI - Long Response Time with a lot of ESX Server



I have an issue using Virtual Storage Console Plugin in my VCENTER Server.
I have one VCENTER server in which there are 171 ESX Hosts (3.5 & 4.0) and 2000 Virtual Machines.
When I want to view my backup jobs and/or to use a backup to mount a snapshot in R/W for example to restore one file in a vmdk disk, I have to wait for a long time (10 to 15 minutes) just to see my backup available.
I think that SMVI (integrated in VSC 2.0) wants to scan the entire Datacenter. In fact only a few ESX servers are connected to some VMFS Datastore on my NetApp filer.
Is there any capability to limit for example the range IP to prevent scaning the entire DataCenter ?
I would like to make some tuning effort to improve the response time when I want to view/use my backups.
Is there anyone who has already encountered this type of issue.
Thanks a lot for your response.

Olivier P



Hi Olivier

IS scanning happening through the storage console module? In Backup and recovery capability you would have to manually add the filers in the set-up tab. You can also file a support case with the logs and we can figure out if this is normal or not.





I have already added my filers through the set up tab, but each time i want to vew my different backup job or backup available for restore I have to wait some minutes béfore the loading is completed.

Do you think I should open a case to get help from support ?




Yes please file a support case. Our support team will be able to figure out if there are any issues at the filer/network level and help you fix those.



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