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SMVI Large server.log file

I am hoping that this is a simple question to answer.


One of my customers has raised a question about the logging in SnapManager for VI 1.0.1.


There is a logfile in the “c:\program files\smvi\etc” directory on the SMVI server called “server.log” that seems to be growing a quite a fast rate (about 2MB per backup run).  The log files for the backup jobs themselves seem to be about 14K so are not an issue.


This log file seems to have a large amount of DEBUG information in it that does not seem necessary for a live product.


My questions are:


1.       Is there a way of disabling this large amount of log data?

2.       Is there a maximum size that the log file will grow to?

3.       Is there a way to output the log information to a different directory?


The problem isn’t a major worry.  However, the customer is concerned as to how big this file will grow to.


Many Thanks in advance.




Re: SMVI Large server.log file

The file does not have a max size, but it will roll over every day at mid-night. We then keep the last 7 days worth of logs.

Check the file <SMVI install dir>/server/etc/smvi.override. See if this file exists and contains the entry 'vim.client.log.verbose=true'. If it does, either add a '#' to the front of the line or replaec true with false. This entry will load every SOAP request we make to VC and can increase log file sizes.

There is not a good way to output to another directory.

Re: SMVI Large server.log file

Thanks for the quick response.  My customer will be happy with that I am sure.



Re: SMVI Large server.log file

Many Thanks for the help.



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