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SMVI and vCenter database protection

Hi all,

We have, temporarily, are vCenter database running in a VM.
The Best practices guide states that the database associated with vCenter must not be installed on a VM protected by SMVI.
I suppose I could just move it to a datastore that is not protected by SMVI but I wonder how much of an issue it really is?

The guide also states vCenter will fail due to vCenter timeouts caused by the vmware snapshot process.
Our SMVI backup does not make use of Crash consistent VMware snapshots.
So are we still at risks for these vcenter timeouts?


Re: SMVI and vCenter database protection

No you are correct. If you are not using the VMWare snapshots then you will not experience the timeouts and can have the vCenter DB protected by SMVI.


Re: SMVI and vCenter database protection

Thanks Keith, looks like I have nothing to worry about then.


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