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Snap Mirror on ESX file server


Hello all.

We are thinking of implementing Snap Mirror to one of our file server clusters.

The cluster is windows 2008 DFS only the name space. The cluster is referencing the disk by way of only via the custer in data stores,

The nodes in the cluster are on Vmware ESX Vsphere 4.0 update 1. embeded

They are currently using data stores supplied from an EVA SAN.

The proposal is to create a new data store and snap mirror this to our DR site.

What i am unsure about is,

Can this be done by way of data store or has this got to be RDM?

What were your challenges if any in getting this going in the real world?

do i need any other licensing than Sanp Drive & Snap Mirror?

Do i have to use the Netapp DSM or can i use the Microsoft MPIO & host utilities from Netapp?

If i can use a Data Store an i able to enable Dedupe on the store and is this recommended?

We have no Cifs licensing....

Thanks Everyone.


Re: Snap Mirror on ESX file server



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