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SMVI initiated SnapMirror update vs. Scheduled Updates


Is there a difference in the way a SnapMirror update initiated by SMVI works vs. the way it works if you schedule an update?  We upgraded to VSC 6.0 from 4.2 and due to the way the NFS lif's were using the same IP addresses between sites (I didn't do it... promise)  we can no longer have SMVI initiate the snap mirror updates. (known issue with 6.0 that is not scheduled to be fixed).

In order to get around this while the vlans for data are redesigned i set up schedules for each job.  The Ops team is telling me that it seems like the snaps are quite a bit bigger now.   I just wanted to check to see if that's something that is expected or if we need to start digging into that more from the VM side.


We are snapping daily and the updates kick off about 10 min after the SMVI job starts.