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SV-SMVI failing with HTTPS switch

OS Level: Ontap 8.0.2

I am setting up SV-SMVI 3.0 in a secure environment where SSL is required.

The filers that we use all have  httpd.admin.enable set to off (and admin.SSL.enable set to ON)

The problem is, when I use the HTTPS switch in my config file, SMVI is successfully able to create a snapshot on the source filer, but then hangs when trying to progress to the Snapvault step.  I get no error message, the job just completes successfully in VCenter and the contents of the verbose report are as follows (IPs removed):



[10:34:40] SV-SMVI Version: 3.0.3

[10:34:40] Log Filename: C:\VSCS\SV-SMVI_20130213_103440.log

[10:34:40] Start Time: Wed Feb 13 10:34:40 2013

[10:34:40] Use of -svip overrides IP address(es) in SMVI post-backup output.  Continuing.

[10:34:40] Found backup: HOST = 'XXXXXX.7.30', VOLUME = 'vcloud_mgt1_nfs2', SNAPSHOT = 'smvi__Test Backup_recent' ...

[10:34:40] Use of -svip: Changing HOST = 'XXXXXXX.7.30' to HOST = 'XXXXXXX.1.30' ...

[10:34:40] Preserving SMVI backup with storage controller XXXXXX.1.30, volume vcloud_mgt1_nfs2, snapshot named smvi__Test Backup_recent ...

[10:34:40] Initializing connectivity to storage controller ...

[10:34:40] Attempting to ping storage controller XXXXXX.1.30 ...

[10:34:40] Ping of storage controller XXXXXX.1.30 successful.

[10:34:40] Logging into storage controller XXXXXX.1.30 ...

[10:34:40] Setting username and password for storage controller XXXXXX.1.30 ...

[10:34:40] Option -https defined, setting NetApp command transport to HTTPS (port 443) ...

That is the end of the report.

I received a temporary reprieve to test the system with httpd.admin.eneble set to ON and the job ran normally.


Re: SV-SMVI failing with HTTPS switch

The solution was simple, as it turns out.  The issue was that the system was not properly addressing the HOST IP change for all steps.  I added a vNIC to the VCENTER so that it could communicate on the 7.x network and the backup processed normally.

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