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Single File Restore Wizard in VSC 6 - still missing :(




like 1.5 years ago when somebody else posted "Single-File-Restore-in-VSC-5-0"



the comfortable functionality we used to have is still missing!


Any update or is this really dead?

No customer out there who would love to have the easy wizard back???







Yup, agreed.


This is a headache.


I have just heard that the plan  is to include a new and much improved - SFR feature in VSC 6.2, which at this point is targeted for 2HCY2016.


But in the meantime:

In VSC 5.0  etc.  the alternative solution (for Windows) is:  
VSC has a Mount feature. Mount a backup for the VM. This mounts the Datastores from the Backup.
Attach a VMDK to the VM (where the file needs to be restored),  from the mounted (Datastore) using the ‘Add Existing Disk Option’ in Edit VM settings.
VCenter will prompt you to assign a different disk uuid for the newly attached Disk, accept that option.
Within the Windows Guest (this one’s for W2012R2) , System and Security->Administrative Tools->Computer Management->Disk Management, you’ll see the newly added disk in an offline state.
Right click and bring it online, a drive letter will be assigned.
You can now restore the file using Windows Explorer.
Once the file is restored, you can remove the newly attached hard disk, and unmount the backup as a part of the clean up.
While this is not as elegant as having Admin-Assisted/ Self-Service/ Session-bound/Auto-Cleanup SFR, circa 4.2.X, it works across all Windows OSes.   I’ve also attached the SFR document  which describes the steps I’ve listed above with way more detail.


See Attachment, and below links ...,  a few blogs on SFR steps on Linux using the VSC Mount featureb




Hope this helps.


Good information, but we have been waiting much too long. I am shocked there isn't a clean way to do this like in the older product!!! This is a big deal from where I am sitting. If you can't easily test restores, you won't test restores very often. If you can't do that, the backups can't be trusted. Save us time and we'll use your products!


Now on 6.1, if you are using clustered data ontap you have this"feature" back.


But for me running 7-Mode I still miss this option:





But you need a SnapCenter server running on different machine to VSC and register VSC with SnapCenter, so another license cost.


That is good information thank you.


Is there any reason NOT to go back to VSC 4.2?  Without digging too much that seems like it could be an option....I'm probably missing something though.


It would be good to get an answer on this.........

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