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Single File Restore in VSC 5.0

Hi There,

The recent announcement re. VSC 5.0 Beta said that Single File Restore functionality is removed for VSC 5.0.

Please clarify: does this affect the beta only, or will it affect the final release version? Will the functionality return in a future release?

If SFR is removed permanently from VSC, what is the replacement product to provide this feature? SnapProtect?




Re: Single File Restore in VSC 5.0

Any chance of getting a clarification on this? Thanks.

Re: Single File Restore in VSC 5.0

SFR (guest single file restore) is not going to be included in VSC 5.0.  We decided that rather than port a feature that needs a major 'facelift' from the C# client to the new web client, we'd live with a release or two without SFR so that we can redesign it.  SFR supporting both Windows and Linux will make a comeback in a future release of VSC ... stay tuned.

Re: Single File Restore in VSC 5.0

Any word on when that feature will be added back?  We're trying to figure out when to upgrade to a newer version of VSC, but I don't want to lose SFR.

Re: Single File Restore in VSC 5.0

Single File Restore capability is also holding up our full migration to 5.5 / VSC 5.0.  What's the status on SFR in current iterations of VSC?

Re: Single File Restore in VSC 5.0

we ran into the reduced funactionality trap and also because we use linked mode (sperate VSC instances accross vcenters) we couldnt use VSC 5.0 we stuck with 4.2.1p1 (yes there is a p1 release) and use the c# client still. we need to use the c# client for update manager and SRM so its no bother really. shame VSC 5.0 wasnt anywhere near what it was hyped up to be! maybe VSC 5.1 will be?

Re: Single File Restore in VSC 5.0

SFR can be done via DS mount from your backup and attach the vmdk to a VM to open the filesystem. I've always done it this was and found it pretty easy. Wouldn't that work for your, too?

Re: Single File Restore in VSC 5.0

Yes, that does work. But it's a fair bit of manual work for something that used to be automated.

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