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SnapDrive 6.1 ESX RDM Rescan Question


Does anyone know if Snapdrive 6.1 inside a vm that is Fibre Channel attached rescans all the ESX servers or just the ESX server the VM is located on?

It seems to only be scanning the one ESX server and I was wondering if there was a way for it to rescan all the ESX servers. I am just curious how a vmotion would work if the rest of the ESX servers don’t see the LUN id.


Re: SnapDrive 6.1 ESX RDM Rescan Question


Hi Eric,

When you do a vmotion from host x to host y, vmware will do a HBA rescan on host y and then finalyze the move of the machine to host y.


Kris Boeckx

Re: SnapDrive 6.1 ESX RDM Rescan Question


Yeah Kris is correct. Even SDW uses the single iGroup, having initiator from both ESX, to map the LUN. So the LUN id in both source and destination is same.



Re: SnapDrive 6.1 ESX RDM Rescan Question


to avoid dead path issues, you must also remember the igroup in question must be configured for ALUA, otherwise the LUN ID in the VM will differ from the Vmware cluster and cause dead paths, which aren't fixed via rescan and you must reboot the host.

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