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Software needed for assinging LUN to windows 2008 R2 server?


We have only had our netapp for about 2 months now and so far all of my LUNS have been assinged to an ESX environment.  I am now getting request for assigning to physical machines and i really have not idea how to assign them.  I have already provisioned the LUN and created the Igroup with the port names and they have been zoned in.

I guess my real question is there some software needed on the server side that is used for mapping this LUN or can windows 2008 r2 detect it?

I know this is a rooky question.  Im sorry.




1. You can use SDW, which will take care of creating LUN mapping it to filer etc... (If you already have LUN on filer you can just connect that LUN from SDW).

Or, if you do not want to use SDW,

2. Open start menu -> iSCSI initiator from your windows machine, copy the iqn, create an iGroup for this in Filer and map the LUN to this iGroup. Add the filer to the portal address in iSCSI initiator in windows machine and discover. The LUN should show up.




You can use SnapDrive software - if you have the license for it.

Otherwise, the disk will show up if you add the WWNs of the server to the igroup on the filer and the zoning is correct. You'll just need to scan for new hardware.

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