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Warning Message: Client (xid 400398858) is trying to access an unexported mount


On a FAS2020 I get a warning after using the command vol copy.

I first created a volume vol_iso_01 and try to copy from vol_iso to vol_iso_01 but forgot to offline the vol_iso_01. Since now I get evey hour this warning message

NETAPP2: Gb_Enet/e0a:warning]: Client (xid 400398858) is trying to access an unexported mount (fileid 64, snapid 0, generation 11868176 and flags 0x0 on volume 0x22754fe [No volume name available])

I show all the VMs  and no one is accessing this new volume

Any help you could provide would be appreciated!


Apparently the new volume has been assigned a new file system identifier (FSID).

Hosts that were previously mounted to the same data on the old head continue to access the data using the old FSID.

Un-mount and re-mount the export so that the new FSID is recognized.


Thanks for the answer. This help me. After reviewed all the ESX and VM, I found one ESX without any VM but with the old export name.

Thanks a lot.


And if you don't know from which host this is coming? How can you find out...


We traced the problem you reported to bug 348245. There is no workaround. However, the messages do not impact the filer; they just fill the message log. According to the bug report, the problem is corrected in ONTAP 7.3.3P3.
The problem description is below.
This message will be displayed when a client comes with a file handle which no longer exists or the path related to the handle has been unexported. Because of a bug in Data ONTAP, is displayed

You can stop the console messages using this procedure :

Create the etc/syslog.conf file

Add in the following entry:


This will sent all syslog events to the /etc/messages

By default,the syslog daemon reads the file every 30 seconds. To force the reread, type syslog reset_syslog

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