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SnapDrive Snpdrvdbg0** files

Is it safe to delete the Snpdrvdbg000-099 files in C:\Program Files\NetApp\SnapDrive ? Also lots named VDISKAPI000 etc.

They are around 20 Mb each so can take up quite a lot of space.



Re: SnapDrive Snpdrvdbg0** files

Unless you have an ongoing support case you can safely delete them.  SnapDrive has debug logging enabled by default.  See

Re: SnapDrive Snpdrvdbg0** files

Thanks Spence.

After looking at the KB and digging around further in the registry, it looks like you can limit the number of log files created. Default is 100 x 20Mb (which is actually 200 x 20 Mb as there are .log and .dat files!)


Adjust the DbgLogFiles DWORD as necessary.