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VMware Solutions Discussions

VSC 2.0 x64 Install - "smvi-server.config cannot do the string substitution of server config file in smvi/cli/lib"


Any idea what this error means?  The product base install along with cloning/provisioning works OK.  When I check the box to install backup, I get this error toward the end of the installation along with another error regarding smvi.override, smvi.config, and smvi.bat.

Then a cmd box opens and I see this:

wrapper  | OpenSCManager failed - Access is denied. (0x5)
WARNING - Unable to write to the configured log file location: log\wrapper.log
Falling back to the default file in current working directory: wrapper.log  Cause was: Access is denied. (0x5)
Unable to open logfile log\wrapper.log: Access is denied. (0x5)
The service name is invalid.

Any ideas?



I was also having this problem. agree with bazmercer, i ran the .exe from an elevanted commaned prompt and it worked.

Thanks for the help people!


Also executing the installer setup as local server administrator solve the problem.



Just to add a comment to anyone finding this later... Running it from an elevated command prompt seems to work. Simply right clicking and "run as admin" doesn't...


I re-ACL'd the entire install folder with Everyone:Modify and the install now completes without errors.

However, it's not creating the SMVI service.  I get "Error invoking SMVI Server. Make sure SMVI Server is running" when trying to configure the backup module.  If I check the services, sure enough, there's no SMVI. 


I had the same issue due to Server 2008 UAC.

Right click on the install package and run as admin.


I disabled UAC entirely.  "run as" didn't work, but I think killing UAC helped.

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