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Snapdrive – Attached LUN to additional VM SCSI controller


I have added 2 additional LSI Logic SAS controllers (ESX 4.1) to a win 2k8 r2 VM – I want to attach database luns to one controller and log luns to another with snapdrive 6.3 with ESX sw iscsi RDM luns.

I cannot work out how to attach to luns to the added controllers??



Can anyone help with this please??????


Are you trying to assign disks directly to the VM from the filer or are the disks attached to the ESX host and you want them assigned to the VM?


Disks are RDM luns via the ESX software iscsi initiator, ie,the luns are mapped to the esx hosts then attached to the VM running on thesehosts as an RDM – All directed by snapdrive.


Do the disks show up on the VM (under device manager)?

How did you add the addtional controllers to the VM? Are there extra physical controllers in the ESX host that were assigned to the VM?


I can attach the disks to the additonal controllers so no they don't show in device manager - These are not physical adpaters, just additonal virtual adpaters



SDW 6.3 has a new feature of creating RDM vmdk disks, I guess this is what you are interested in. If so, you need to map LUN to esx and create a vmfs datastore first. Now while creating a lun from SDW, it asks whether you want to create a RDM disk if opted for that it will take you to a screen where all the vmfs datastores present in the ESX are displayed. Select the datastore you want and proceed, Now a vmdk will be created in the datastore and will be attached as a disk in your VM. Hope this is useful.

As for choosing iscsi controller, you can manage it through SDW, whenever you create or connect a LUN, it asks which initiator to use.




A little confused here, RDM vmdk disks? An RDM is notformatted with vmfs, only ntfs as the lun is presented directly to the windowsVM?

Also, we are not using the micorsoft iscsi initiator, theRDM luns are presented to the VM from the ESX severs via the ESX softwareinitiator.


Enable npiv in the vm.Add two scsci controller if you have more than 15 Luns and try adding by snap drive.it should work


npiv? this is an iSCSI environment not FC, is this still valid?

Also, I do not have more that 15 luns, howerver I still want to split the luns over seprate SCSI controllers

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