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VMware Solutions Discussions

Adding new host to cluster NFS not mounting


So when I add a new host to the cluster should I expect NFS datastores that have been provisioned using VSC to be mounted to the new host?  or is further action required to give that host access to the NFS exports?

If so what?

many thanks...



As far as I can tell - no, NFS datastores will not be mounted automatically to new hosts in a cluster.

You have to mount them manually, either using vCenter GUI, or ESX(i) command line.




No luck with that,   Attemping to manuely mount also fails.  is there such a thing as a"trusted hosts" or host access file?


Ah, I know what you mean now!

You need to change NFS export security settings, so new hosts' IP addresses (of the VM kernel port) have r/w & root access to that volume.


The Datastores where provisioned with VSC.  What file needs to be edited on the vFiler?


If they were created with VSC then there on the export permissions for the volume the IP address for the vKernel ports on all your ESX servers will have RW and root permissions. Just add the vKernel IP of the new host to this list and then manually mount the datastore from vCenter.

This type of update is on the roadmap for VSC just so you know...




"Just add the vKernel IP of the new host to this list"  what file needs this info?


The easiest way is to use NetApp Systems Manager, then click on Exports and then the NFS export. From there you can edit permissions and add the IP address.


I am working with vFilers...  I don't think system manager can help me.


Did you give the vKernel IP address of the ESX host RW and Root permission to the NFS share?


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