Snapmanger for VI 2


Having a question.

Im setting up Snapmanger for VI at customer.

When Snapmanager creates snap on VM it uses Vmware Snapshot technology.

Question is.

What about AD server, SQL Servers, Eachange servers becasue MS doesnt support snapshots on these App servers.

Of course a can use snapmanager for SQL and Mail.

Should i Exclude these servers when use snapmanager for VI.

Its a bit admin overhead because a best practice and recomendation

"Perform datastore backups rather than individual virtual machine backups to reduce the number of

NetApp Snapshot copies performed against a volume"


Re: Snapmanger for VI 2


Using SnapManager products for backing up your actual data is the recommended way to go.

However, in theory SMVI can work through the VMware guest VSS stack, thus application-consistent snapshots can be taken.

Have a look at this thread (a bit old, but still relevant):