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Suggestions for moving away from the EMC CX4 and Centera


Currently the employer I work for has a "single" CX4 array that houses most of the critical data of the environment and Centera for long term archive.

We recently had an outage that has opened my eyes to looking at a second vendor for our Vmware ESX workloads and possibly all other SAN based data.
I inherited this config and I am not comfortable with "all the eggs in one basket" solution that was built on the single CX4 array.

I am looking for some real world experiences of others who have traveled down this path of moving to NetApp.

I am looking to learn how the experience was with NetApp with this type of migration and what NetApp did for them in regards to "tradeups" and other sales incentives given to make the move.



For ESX-Hosts in my mind the easiest way to migrate luns (netapp-box uses san too) via VmWare "storage vmotion". Both boxes (EMC and Netapp) connect to the server and run storage vmotion. So you can migrate >online< vmdk-files. Our migrations works fine (always online!). VMWare is a good solution to use diffrerent vendors with SAN-Protocol.


for the NAS part, you can use robotcopy to move the data. for the SAN part, you probably need to connect the filer to your host and move the data around.

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