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.Snapshot Grows Up Abnormally

Hi all,

I have a volume configured in a Datastore for VMware. This volume is mounted in NFS and host virtual machines. I have a problem because the .snapshot grows up abnormally.

I think, the origin of my problem is caused by a Virtual Machine (with a strong activity) but I don’t know that.

Somebody knows what is the best method to identify it?

Many thanks for your help



Re: .Snapshot Grows Up Abnormally

Hi Fernando

one of VM in the datastore must have a very hight write workload. I think you can identify this vm from vmware site. Some 3rd party monitor tools can help you. Like Quest_Foglight-for-Virtualization-Free-Edition-for-VMware


Re: .Snapshot Grows Up Abnormally

Thanks Gokhan,

I think you are right but I am so sorry because my question is just directed to a Netapp solution.

How to compare the different folders who contain the snapshots ina .snapshot of a volume ?

Best regards

Re: .Snapshot Grows Up Abnormally

Hi Fernando,

is it block access right? (mean lun, not nfs). You can't decide which vm have a high workload in a lun. lun is a huge file on storage site. we can't see which vm has a high utilization in that lun. I think, if you want tı figure out this issue, you have to analyze this workload from vmware site.

And If you want to see snapshot size, KB change ratio, and RteKB/Hour data, you can use "snap delta" command from storage cli.



Re: .Snapshot Grows Up Abnormally

Are you sure none of the VMs got deleted? Or possibly some new created without using FlexClone? In both cases your change rate is as big as the size of the VM itself.

Other than that, try to find out if disk defrag wasn't run within the guest OS (or database maintenance?)

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Re: .Snapshot Grows Up Abnormally

Thanks a lot.

I check it.

Best regards.

Re: .Snapshot Grows Up Abnormally


Re: .Snapshot Grows Up Abnormally

Hi all,

Effectively we have many VMs with SQL DB. I think my problem is caused by this DB and too many dumps.


Re: .Snapshot Grows Up Abnormally


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