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Migrate VSC jobs to new vCenter



We have recently set up a new vCenter 5.5 enviroment, and we want to migrate our ESX's and VM's to this new vCenter, from the old 5.0 vCenter.

We are using VSC to backup the virtual machines. Is it possible to migrate the backupjobs from the old vCenter 5.0, to the new vCenter? The LUN's and VM's are all the same.



Re: Migrate VSC jobs to new vCenter



i have exact the same question!

TR3737 says this:

Recovering from Loss of SMVI Server when Installed on Local Disk

The following steps must be taken to protect SMVI when installed on local disk:

1. Backup the following two directories

i. %PROGRAMFILES%\NetApp\SMVI\Server\repository\

ii. %PROGRAMFILES%\NetApp\SMVI\Server\etc

2. In the event of failure of the SMVI server, install SMVI on a replacement system.

3. Stop the SMVI service

4. Copy the backed-up files listed in step 1 to their original location.

5. Restart the SMVI service within Windows.

6. Start the SMVI GUI and enter “Setup’”.

7. Enter the vCenter server name or IP address.

8. Enter the necessary storage information

9. Select “Restore” from within the SMVI GUI.

Backup jobs will be listed and scheduled jobs will run successfully.

Anyone tried this?

Regards, Frederik

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