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Successful upgrade to SRA 4.0?

Anyone out there successfully upgrade from SRA 2.1 to 4.0 using SRM 6.1.x? We made our initial attempt in a testing environment but have not had success. We've opened a case with Netapp Support and provided logs but we're waiting to hear back. 


Re: Successful upgrade to SRA 4.0?

Re: Successful upgrade to SRA 4.0?

Yes, we were able to get a successful upgrade to 4.0P1 without much effort. I do not remember exactly what the problem was back then. Here's the thing though, Netapp is trying to end support for SRA 4 pretty soon and forcing everyone to go up to SRA 7 which brings another completely different mess in requirements for using SnapCenter instead of VSC and whatever mess is required.

Re: Successful upgrade to SRA 4.0?

Thanks.  Did you use the SRA 4.0p1 OVA with vmware or did you just use the Windows SRA install on the SRM server?  


Good to know about the EoS for 4.0.  We should be off of all things OnTap 8.3.2 soon and can just go with 7.0 soon after.

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