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Suggestion please...


Guys, I am IT architect with 9 years experience. My main focus is on Virtualization/ wintel/ citrix. When I am looking for new roles, companies are asking for storage exposure. I know storage concepts, but not in depth. I have played with Netapp and IBM storage few years ago.

I want to learn storage so that I can become end to end architect ( except networks ;-)) , would like to design solutions for storage. Please suggest me,

- What is the best web based training available for storage? like train signal for VMware and CBT nuggets for citrix/ windows.

- Which storage technology I ned to learn? I mean IBM/ NetApp/ EMC..? or it doesn't make much difference?

- is there any simulators to practice storage? names please? where Can I get them?

Appreciate your help.


Suggestion please...



For vendor neutral storage training, SNIA offers courses and a certification track. http://www.snia.org/ is a great resource to start learning about storage in general.

NetApp does offer web based courses as well as instructor led. Personally, I have attended the instructor led course (for NCDA bootcamp) through fastlane and it was well worth it. There are simulators available through the NOW site. I used it during the course as well as in my own lab when preparing for the NCDA test. It's a great tool!

With your current goal, I would think you would need to have some level of understanding on how each vendor addresses certain issues. I would also want to familiarize myself with each vendor's product offerings and the management overhead that goes into each product. Unless you want to specialize in NetApp.

For what it's worth, I would check out the storage related groups found on LinkedIn. There are generally some good discussions going on and it allows you to hear what others are doing and why they're doing it.

Hope that helps on your new storage venture.


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Suggestion please...


Perfect answer Danny. Thank You very much.

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