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TR-3785 - Updated Solution Guide Now Available – Virtualize Microsoft Apps Mixed Workload (Exchange, SQL Server, and Sharepoint) on NetApp / VMware / Cisco


Hi Everyone,

I am happy to share that the updated version of the solution guide (discussed earlier) highlighting Microsoft Apps on VMware vSphere 4, Cisco Nexus Unified Fabric, and NetApp Unified Storage is now available. In this version, we have added the details on the Fibre Channel solution architecture and performance validation for mixed Microsoft applications workload.

Further details and link to download the solution guide can be found here:



Abhinav Joshi



Hi Abhinav,

Great stuff - thanks for the heads up re the update!

I just read comments on your blog re future plans (sadly not included in this update) around adding VMware SRM, which is great.

But how about including these items as well?

- SnapDrive 6.2 & iSCSI RDMs

- FCoE (Nexus is already in the mix, so why not?)

Kind regards,


Hi Radek,

Thanks for the feedback. Great point regarding SnapDrive 6.2 and iSCSI RDMs. In the new TR, the SRM solution for iSCSI based deployments will showcase leveraging RDMs with SnapDrive 6.2 and how to convert from existing MS iSCSI s/w initiator guest connected LUNs. We'll also update TR-3785 with iSCSI RDM best practices. This topic was discussed in details at Insight 2009 (both Phoenix and Athens) in session VC101: Integrating NetApp with VMware SRM. The slides should be posted soon.

Also, adding FCoE based design is definitely in the roadmap, stay tuned!