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Can I just start of by saying I only have a basic understanding of netapp so please bare with me, unfortunately our netapp admins has been signed off ...read more
Hi,I need to upgrade to VSC 7.0P1 from VSC 6.2P2. I am reading through the upgrade process in Install Guide. VSC 7.0 is build upon OVA.VSC 6.2 is a Wi ...read more
Looking to upgrade our existing SRM configuration to SRM version 8.1 (from 6.x), as it is a requirement to move to Vsphere 6.7.  Has anyone had any lu ...read more
Hello,   did anybody try VSC 7.1 with vSphere 6.7 yet? I deployed the VSC appliance, it successfully registered to vCenter as shown in VSC maintenance ...read more
Hi,   This is the background:   ESXi 5.5 NetApp Filer LUN thin provisioned of 700Gb Datastore thin provisioned of 700Gb   The Datastore space reached ...read more
I hope I'm not starting a discussion that's already been covered but, I can't find anything about this.  I'm guessing by looking at the Interoperabili ...read more
Hi,   if i want to attach a virtual disk in vsphere web client im getting a list with hundrets of entries.  The rentention time is ten days (four snap ...read more
Does anyone know how to get rid of these messages ?   vcenter 6.7 esxi hosts all rolled back to 6.5  vsc has been used on 6.5 but since its not suppor ...read more
Hi everyone, maybe it's a dumb question, but I got the following:   2 vCenter (Main and recovery site) 2 SRMs (one for each site) 1 VSC with SRa serv ...read more
I am trying to add an array manager in SRM 6.5.1 using NetApp SRA 7.1 connecting to cdot 9.1p5, but getting the error:  SRA command 'discoverArrays' f ...read more