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Unable to Clone Virtual Machines


I'm currently looking into the capability if VSC for VMware, one of the features I'm currently unable to get working is the rapid cloning ability. I've installed version 4 of VSC on our vCenter server but when I try to start a clone I get the attached errors in the NetApp logs which I've been unable to discover the cause of. I have tried to look into whether any configuration is needed but I could not find any information regarding this. I don't have a large amount of experience with NetApp so it's possible I've missed something important out since I've not been able to find any one else who has run into this issue when searching, any nudge in the right direction would be very much appreciated.



Re: Unable to Clone Virtual Machines

Is flex_clone licensed on your storage controller?  I can't tell from the attached doc but if you attach the entire log file we should be able to figure out exactly why this is failing for you.

Re: Unable to Clone Virtual Machines

Thanks for the reply. Yes I have installed an evaluation license for flex_clone on the storage controller, I've attached the log file as requested .

Re: Unable to Clone Virtual Machines

Sorry, I meant the VSC logs.  If you look in the VSC install directory, you will see a kamino.log file.  Attach that.  Thanks.

Re: Unable to Clone Virtual Machines

Ah my apologies, I've attached that now.

Re: Unable to Clone Virtual Machines

I see the following in the logs: "Clone operation failed to start: Volume or maxfiles exceeded max allowed for SIS."  This is displayed if the volume is, or has been, too large to enable deduplication.  You can check the maximum deduplication limits in TR-3505.

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Re: Unable to Clone Virtual Machines

Thanks for that. I didn't know that there was a separate log file for VSC, I'll have a look into that now though, thanks .

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