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Unable to clone virtual machine

Hello guys,

I'm unable to clone a virtual machine. When I reach the Database creation part, I get the following error: (see screen shot).

Any ideas? I've been through the logs and administration guide and can't find a solution. The filer is already added in the storage controller part and the resources (vol,aggr,etc..) have been added as well.

thank you in advance.


Re: Unable to clone virtual machine

This warning indicates that there are no existing datastores on the storage controller you selected in the first panel of the wizard.  If you back up a panel, you can choose to create a new datastore as part of the cloning process.

Re: Unable to clone virtual machine

Sorry I had to delete all the duplicate posts. Is the forum ok?

here's what I have in storage controller

when I click on the option 'create datastore' all the options are greyed out.

Re: Unable to clone virtual machine

Interfaces, aggregates, and volumes that should be used for new storage should be moved to the right-hand side of that screen.  That indicates to us that those resources can be used for provisioning.  Once you do that, the new datastore option should be enabled.

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Re: Unable to clone virtual machine

Oh dear.. so embarrassing! Thank you very much! great product so far and I hope v4 comes out soon!

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