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Uninstallation of VSC


I've had VSC4.0 installed on my vCenter server and since upgraded to 4.1.

Firstly I'm unable to see the version change when using the vSphere client and any subsequent plug-in updates.. Less concerning, but what's more awkward for me is that I've uninstalled the VSC and the installation directory has been left, despite restarts of the server and any re-installations state that I'm upgrading an existing install rather than installing fresh.

Could anyone give me any hints what I may have missed or explicitly which registry entries to hack out if it comes to that, rather than me ploughing through the registry hitting delete on anything that looks relevant on my production vCenter server..?

Thanks in advance



Re: Uninstallation of VSC

I had this problem when moving from OnCommand Plug-in for VMware that came with OnCommand Host Package to VSC 4.1. After uninstalling the plug-in using the uninstaller, I still had to remove the plug-in manually. Try this:

  1. Uninstall all NetApp plug-ins for vCenter using Programs and Features in Control Panel
  2. Restart server
  3. Use this guide to remove the extnsion from ExtensionManager (document says VSC 1.0, but also works for any extension)
  4. Restart server and verify removal in vSphere Client
  5. Install VSC as normal and verify in vSphere Client

Until I used this procedure, the plugin kept jumping back and forth between OnCommand Plug-in and VSC.

Check out the KB!
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