Unrecognized volume


I am new to the Netapp world, having inherited a poorly maintained and configured device.

In my StoreVault Manager I have two volumes equalling near 2TB that are simply decribed as UNRECOGNIZED with a Red Circle by it.

This S550 is used to host luns for VMWare, for about 16 different servers, hosted off two ESX3i boxes.

When I right click on these RED unrecognized shares it only gives me ONLINE, OFFLINE

One is listed as PubFolders, and the other has a string of characters inside {} brackets.

Any idea as to what I'm looking at?

I can attach a pic later if that would make it easier.



Re: Unrecognized volume

I'm not a StoreVault Expert (as it is not sold in my country)...

Can you check the disks, are there maybe disks with a "yellow up arrow"?

If yes, then you have disks from another StoreVault System in your system and need to take them over (ownership).

If no, then these volumes can come from some other system (disks already owned) but need to be taken offline (or online) depends what you want to do with them.

CAUTION offline/destroy means you loose all the data that might be on them!


(In FAS Systems one can have "foreign aggregates" when disks are moved to another controller with data on them, thats where my guess comes from.)