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vsc 2.1 rcu error


Running vsc 2.1 on Vcenter 4.1U1.  Getting the following error when trying to clone a XP Template via RCU.  I am using vfiler context. 

In kamino.log

Setting error message on cloneTask(task-339) - Clone operation failed to start: Source file does not exist. (errno=14556)

ERROR [FilerUtil] - clone of /vol/vdi_vol/ntap_rcu1311264919098/0000hd0000-flat.vmdk to /vol/vdi_vol/ntap_rcu1311264919098/0001hd0000-flat.vmdk failed to start. - Clone operation failed to start: Source file does not exist. (errno=14556)

Anybody seen this error before?



This can happen if the ndmp copy operation does not complete successfully causing the subsequent clone attempt to fail.  There's an entry in the release notes named "Cloning fails with move error in log".  See the resolution there for more details.


Read the release notes.  It mentioned about host resolution so I added the ip and host names to the vfiler /etc/hosts file.  That didn't work.  So I tried running a clone start command in the vfiler context and it gave me clone start: Source file does not exist. 


What version of ONTAP are you running?  And is /vol/vdi_vol the root volume of the vfiler?  I don't think flex_clone is supported on the root vfiler volume.


8.0.2.  No, it's definitely not the root vol.  The datastores were provisioned using VSC and i checked vfiler status -a vfiler01 which does own the vdi volume.  Since I can't clone from within the vfiler i'm thinking it's something with the vfiler and volume.  I'll delete all the volumes and re-create using the cli instead and see if that does anything. 

I was able to successfully create 3 flexclones but only if my source and destination are on the same volume.  If my source and destination volume are different it fails.  Is this the way it works?  I tried cloning from vfiler context as well and it did complain if source and destination are not the same

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