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Upgrade to VSC 7.2 on production site


Hello Guys,


I'm just following up a customer that actually utilise VSC 6.2.1 with Ontap 9.1.
Due to new AFF installation with ontap 9.3 we need to uprgade the VSC .

Actually i think that we have to migrate to vsc 7.2 with SnapCenter 4.0

Keeping in mind that i would like to migrate live , this would be the steps that i will try to follow 

Tell me what do you think about , i will insert my questione and doubt 🙂

- Install SnapCenter 4.0 on a new virtual machine  ( Are there some particular requirement as CPU , Memory or WIndows version ? )
- Add SVM to the SnapCenter
- Deploy the SbnapCenter Plug-IN for VMWARE ( should i install it on the same windows server that host the SnapCenter ) ?
- COnfigure / register the plug-in to use the Vcenter ( Does this registration made some conflict with the plug-in of version 6.2.1 ? )
- Test the backup and restore with the new AFF

Now actually i have a FAS ( dual controller ) for the production and a FAS (dual controller) for the snapvault repository .
What i would like to do is first upgrade the Fas backup and add the SVM snapmirror snapvault destination to the SnapCenter .

Now , before importing the storage information and the metadata snapshot i need to upgrade also the FAS production or could i test before
the FAS backup doing a restore ?

I mean , in your opinion, Could i test the FAS backup importing the snapshot and testing a restore ?

Then ,

- Suspend all the VSC Backup job
- Upgrde the FAS Production
- RUn the import utility  ( From the SNapCenter / Plug in server ??? )
- Unregister the VSC 6.2.1 from the vCenter
- Verify that the resource are listed all the backup on the new Plug-IN
- RUn a backup from the SNapCrenter Plug-in and test restore , and snapmiror / vault synchronization
- Deploy VSC 7.2 appliance and add storage

Is important to deploy the VSC appliance as the last step

Thanks in advice for your tips and suggestions





You know that VSC 7 no longer doing backup & recovery functionality, right?

You have to migrate backup jobs to SnapCenter.




thanks for your reply


Yes , indeed in ly procedure i mentioned it


- RUn the import utility  ( From the SNapCenter / Plug in server ??? )



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