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Which snapdrive version with VSC 6.2.2



Our current configuration is:

Vmware 6.0 U2
VSC 6.2.1P1
Snapdrive 7.1.4P1
SME 7.2 (exchange 2010 :'( )
SMSQL 7.2.1
Data Ontap 7-mode.

I know, so old version ... We have plan to upgrade all and use snapcenter with new hardware in few months.

Today, we want to upgrade vmware 6 U3e for security reason.

VMware 6 U3e impose VSC 6.2.2, but we can't find snapdrive version in IMT (in IMT VSC 6.2.2 is not present with snapdrive...)

Do you know which snapdrive version is compatible with VSC 6.2.2?

Thank you.



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