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Upgrading Ontap to 8.0.1 and VMware infrastructure



Now that ontap 8.0.1 is released, we're looking to upgrade our NetApp SAN from 7.3.2 to 8.0.1.  We're also looking into upgrading our vSphere environment along with the NetApp software installed to the latest version.  Currently, we have vSphere 4.0 w/update 1, SMVI 2.x and VSC 1.x.  My question is, should we upgrade Ontap first and then vSphere/Netapp tools or vice versa.

For vCenter, my plan was to just build a new vCenter 4.1 server and reinstall the latest Netapp tools.


OnTap 7.3.2

VMware vCenter 4.0 and ESX 4.0

VSC 1.0

SMVI 2.0P1D1

RCU 3.0

Moving to

OnTap 8.0.1

VMware vCenter 4.1 and ESXi 4.1

VSC 2.0.1 or greater



i think your approach is correct. I would do the same steps

what fas do you have?


we have a clustered fas 3140.


I was told by a NetApp vm escalation engineer that it doesn't matter if you upgrade OnTap or vSphere (vcenter, esx, smvi, vsc) first, just make sure you upgrade one, wait a week or so, to see if there are any issues and then upgrade the other.  This way it might be easier to identify an issue if it does come up.


I just upgraded a FAS2040A to Ontap 8.0.1 and I'm having some issues configuring the VSC 2.0.1 it seems that VSC does not know how to take the version of ontap 8.0.1 on the documentation just say at least having 7.3.3

Does anyone know if there is some problems with VSC 2.0.1 + Ontap 8.0.1??



There is a new version of VSC 2.0.1P1 which I know works since it is set up in my lab. On the NOW site, scroll to the bottom where you can do a search for software and version. Search for VSC and version 2.0.1P1 and give that a try..


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