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VASA Provider built-in on controller vs. VM


Hi NetApp,


I see some other vendors have the VASA provider built-in on their controllers.

I like that approach as this becomes more and more critical. It would be easier / faster to deploy and I'm sure it would be more reliable.


What are your thoughts?


Re: VASA Provider built-in on controller vs. VM


Hello @thomasb82,


While the ONTAP VASA Provider is an appliance, SolidFire's implementation is a part of the cluster.  Both models have their advantages and disadvantages, unfortunately I don't know the engineering or product management decision process that led to each implementation.


If you haven't already, I highly recommend you check out SolidFire's VVOLs features.  There is lots of really great functionality there, and it further removes storage management overhead from the virtualization administrator.  It's a great example of just how simple storage for virtualization can be, while at the same time not sacrificing features or functionality.


Hope that helps.



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